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Dr. Patricia Vöge

Licensed psychotherapist

Psychological counseling and therapy online

In person in Seewis Dorf nearby Chur

Meeting life’s challenges. Finding the gold.

From stress to resiliency
From disease to salutogenesis 
From shame to self-compassion

Mastering life’s challenges with dignity, courage, trust and vitality. Using the gold that lies within these challenges to strengthen your emotional intelligence, your inner life compass and your compassion for yourself and others.

You are immersed in daily life, whether at work, studying, on parental leave or in retirement.

You find yourself in a personal crisis?

There is this subtile feeling, that you want to change something in your way of life.

The fear of life`s pain paralyzes you and drains you of strength and energy.

You are looking for orientation in order to readjust your inner compass.

You are longing to come into contact with life`s magic.

The right moment is now!

You don’t have to have to receive a mental health diagnosis in order to start taking care of your mental health.

Because health develops und unfolds in each and every moment, with every single breath.

Through my online counseling and psychotherapy, I am aiming to offer guidance through crises and challenges.

Dr. Patricia Vöge

State licensed psychotherapist 

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My approach


Salutogenesis focuses on what makes us healthy, just as the word implies: saluto (health) and genesis (development). Because: Health is accessible in every single moment, with every single breath.


We utilize the life’s challenges in order to understand what is important to us. Instead of avoiding life`s pain, we meet it and find the gold in the midst of darkness. With that, we become more resilient when faced with stress in life.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is about developing psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility develops by defining our values, acting accordingly and learning how to deal with difficult emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Body Intelligence

If necessary, I incorporate elements from yogic and meditation traditions. Problems often arise when our body and soul are disconnected. Therefore, it is about bringing body and soul into harmony with each other, which can be done by mindfulness and meditation, for instance.